Pastor Ryan Fray dreamed of planting a Church with the focus of building a biblical community one family at a time with a simple goal; to help people connect with God in a Church without letting structures and programs get in the way.

With the help of the Dream Team, 35 people committed to seeing this dream become a reality Transformation Community Church began on September 11th, 2016.

The dream came about In September of 2014, when the Lord spoke to our pastor on a Monday afternoon in prayer to plant a church with the focus of building a biblical community one family at a time. He gave him the vision for a church where we are Gospel-Centered, Spirit-Led and Mission-Focused. With relevant teaching, heartfelt worship, honest friendships, and constant prayer. Pastor Ryan and his wife Rachelle spent, the next year and a half praying about the when, where, and how of this exciting call. These questions were answered one by one as we began to seek counsel from other church planters and God. The name Transformation Community Church came about in August of 2015, when they were traveling from Calgary to Winnipeg on a road trip. He recalls As they were driving home they were talking about taking the step of faith to a church plant. That’s when the Lord gave them the name Transformation Community Church, since they both want to see this great city of Winnipeg transformed for God. From their conversation came the name Transformation Community Church. We want to be transformers in this city and throughout Canada for God they said.
Pastor Ryan and Rachelle Fray, have a deep passion for developing leaders and a vision for planting life-giving churches. They have a big heart for this city. Where you find Ryan serving, you will find Rachelle serving alongside him with their amazing sons Rohan, and Reuben.
They both love God and Love to serve people.