TCC TRUST FALL is an internship designed to help High School and College students and Young Adults grow in wisdom, stature, and favor with God and man. “AND JESUS GREW IN WISDOM AND STATURE, AND IN FAVOR WITH GOD AND MAN.” – LUKE 2:52 NIV” The TCC TRUST FALL semester is not only a lot of fun, but it also includes hands-on ministry training, in-depth teachings by the Transformation staff, and growth through life-giving relationships. If you commit to a semester of TCC TRUST FALL, you will grow in your relationship with God like never before! How much of your life do you trust God with? 50%? 95%? Some people might say they trust Him with everything, but is that really true?


The purpose of TCC Trust Fall is teaching the Bible, evangelizing the unreached, discipling believers of all ages, encouraging and equipping them for active service for Jesus Christ in their community, local church and on to the world.


TCC desires to serve the local church by offering ministry for all age groups – summer camps/retreats,.Released Time Bible Education, after-school Bible Clubs, and Bible Correspondence Lessons for school-age children; opportunities to meet community service requirements, be mentored, and participate in leadership training for teens; counselor and internship opportunities for college-age; young adults, full-time missionary and volunteer opportunities, as well as missionary training schools, for adults and retirees. We invite you to join the Lord in what He is doing through the work of TCC! Get involved and help us serve the Lord and reach people with the transformational, life-changing gospel of Jesus Christ!

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Copyright © 2023 TCCWPG All rights reserved.